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Speaking at Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo 2012

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I’m speaking at Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo 2012. My two talk are: Getting Started with Drizzle 7.1 and Verifying MySQL Replication Safely With pt-table-checksum 2.0. No, there’s no relationship between those topics; they’re just things I know well.

I’ve been stalking Drizzle for many years. When it went GA last year, I began hacking Drizzle, focusing on plugins which give it nearly all its functionality. Recently, I helped overhaul the configuration, administration, and plugin sections of the Drizzle docs. I’m also frequently poking around the plugins’ source code. Consequently, I know a lot about making Drizzle work. My talk with transfer the bulk of the best of that knowledge to you so that you can return to your place of work/hobby/world domination and start using Drizzle 7.1 yourself without having to resolve some of the mysteries I had to resolve by reading the source code.

As for pt-table-checksum 2.0, part of Percona Toolkit, it’s a complete re-write of the venerable pt-table-checksum 1.0 which worked very well for years but required some fine-tuning. Well, in certain cases it didn’t work as well, which required more fine-tuning. So Baron redesigned the entire tool (with help and feedback from a lot of people at Percona), and I programmed it. It works wonderfully, and most of the time you can “just run it” and it will Just Do The Right Thing, but you will nonetheless benefit if you come to this talk and poke and prod its internal with me.

If you’ve never been to this conference before (formerly it was just the “MySQL Conference & Expo”, but it’s always been, afaik, at this time and place), you should really come because it’s very enlightening. It’s the Super Bowl/World Cup/Wimbledon/etc. of MySQL conferences in my humble opinion.

Written by Daniel Nichter

January 26th, 2012 at 6:00 pm

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