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Hack MySQL tools retired, succeeded

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I’m surprised, and flattered, to see that people still use, write and recommend mysqlsla, mysqlreport and–most surprisingly–mysqlsniffer. In truth, however, I consider all the original Hack MySQL tools as retired. Maatkit consumes the majority of my development time and provides better replacements for all the Hack MySQL tools. The mk tools are better because–most importantly–they’re tested, their code is more robust, and they benefit from the collected knowledge and experience of the community’s top minds (whereas the Hack MySQL tools are brain-children of only my knowledge and experience circa several years ago).

Thus I created a new tools page where I list and briefly profile free, open-source MySQL tools. As the intro paragraph states, MySQL Forge does this, too, but imho the forge is a dense jungle in which it is difficult to discern the useful bits from the less-than-useful bits. My tools page is meant to 1) inform people that the Hack MySQL tools are retired, 2) list replacements for them, and 3) give people new to the MySQL universe a quick, simple list of tools they’ll probably want to become familiar with.

Kind thanks to all who used, wrote about, contributed to and recommend the Hack MySQL tools over the years.

Written by Daniel Nichter

May 23rd, 2010 at 12:45 pm

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