mysqlidxchk Bugs & Problems

If mysqlidxchk is not working, printing strange things, crashing, or otherwise exhibiting some kind of bug, please read the following before submitting a bug/problem report. It is very difficult for me to troubleshoot a problem with mysqlidxchk without proper background information.

Submitting A Bug/Problem Report

Please contact me to submit bug/problem reports. Include in your message the follow pieces of information:
  • The full mysqlidxchk command line that you are using. For example: "./mysqlidxchk -s slow_queries -D db1 -ndr -su".
  • The version of your MySQL server.
  • A copy of mysqlidxchk's entire output (without the --debug command line option for now).
If we are lucky, I can fix mysqlidxchk with just that information. However, I almost always require more information...

More Information About The Bug/Problem

I am dedicated to making mysqlidxchk very reliable, however, I truly need your help to do that. If I cannot fix mysqlidxchk from the information you provided in your first message, I will request from you a complete output from mysqlidxchk using the --debug command line option. This will cause mysqlidxchk to print a lot of extra information. With this extra information, hopefully then I can fix mysqlidxchk. If not, I will request a copy of your log file...

Your Log File

If all else fails, I can easily fix mysqlidxchk using a copy of your log file. If you cannot email me your log file, I at least need the parts of it which are causing mysqlidxchk to have problems.

If you are concerned about privacy or security, you can send me a "fake" copy of the problematic parts of your log file instead. For example, you could isolate the problematic parts of your log file, then copy those parts to a second file. Then, in the second file, change all real values (account names, table names, etc.) to fake values. Finally, send me the second file.

When Will mysqlidxchk Be Fixed?

I try to fix bugs & problems as they are submitted. I cannot promise any kind of turn-around time for a fix, but if you are able to provide me with a copy of your log file, then bugs/problems are usually fixed within a few days.

Release & Debug Versions of mysqlidxchk

For every version of mysqlidxchk that is announced publicly, there is a related debug version, too. The only difference between release and debug versions is that debug versions of mysqlidxchk print extra debug information about log parsing activity when the --debug command line is used.

This extra debug information is enormous in length—much longer than the log file being parsed! Therefore, debug versions of mysqlidxchk are meant for hackers with a lot of time and patience who truly wish to get intimate with the log parsing routines of mysqlidxchk.

Debug versions of mysqlidxchk can be found in the scripts directory:
(Doc rev: Mar 30 2007)