mysqlidxchk (MySQL Index Checker) checks MySQL databases/tables for unused indexes. Given one or more slow, general, or "raw" log files, mysqlidxchk reports which indexes in the database schema are not used by the queries in the log files.

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Latest version November 11 2007 v1.1 (changelog)
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Help With mysqlidxchk

Guide To Using mysqlidxchk: Quick and basic guide demonstrating how to use mysqlidxchk. Also covers common problems and pitfalls.

mysqlidxchk Documentation: Detailed explanation for all mysqlidxchk command line options.

mysqlidxchk Bugs & Problems: If mysqlidxchk will not work for you, please read this brief guide to submitting bug and problem reports.

Reporting Bugs

mysqlidxchk has not been extensively tested in the real world. Although it shouldn't do any harm to your server, don't expect it to work perfectly. Please report any bugs or other problems that you encounter. And please also read mysqlidxchk Bugs & Problems.