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I made changes to mk-query-digest yesterday that I didn’t expect to cause any adverse affects. On the contrary, several tests began to fail because a single new but harmless line began to appear in the expected output: “Databases 0″. Perhaps I’m preaching to the choir, as you are all fantastic, thorough and flawless programmers, but as for myself I’ve learned to never take a single failed test for granted.

One time a test failed because some values differed by a millisecond or two. Being curious I investigated and found that our standard deviation equation was just shy of perfect. I fixed it and spent hours cross-checking the myriad tiny values with my TI calculator. Probably no one cared about 0.023 vs. 0.022 but it’s the cultivation of a disposition towards perfection that matters.

My innocuous changes yesterday introduced a case of Perl auto-vivification. Doing:

my ($db_for_show) = $sample->{db} ? $sample->{db} : keys %{$stats->{db}->{unq}};

can auto-vivify $stats->{db}. Before yesterday, this was done before the report for those stats were printed; changes yesterday made this happen after the report. Thus the report did it’s job and reported db or “Databases 0″. It’s been fixed, and just in time since I’m doing Maatkit’s October release today.

Written by Daniel Nichter

October 30th, 2009 at 9:20 am

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