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I haven’t posted any update in 2 months not because I haven’t been doing anything but rather the opposite: I have been exceptionally busy. As Baron has noted, I work with Percona doing the maintenance and development for Maatkit, of which release 2325 was just published. Consequently, I haven’t been working on my own scripts, though hopefully that will change, and in some ways it must. Here’s what I have in mind for my own scripts:

mysqlsla: I’m going to create a hybrid between this and mk-log-parser. Whereas mysqlsla does some things that mk-log-parser doesn’t, mk-log-parser has a better, more maintainable code base. Furthermore, I’m currently working on other log handling code which will affect some future plans I had for mysqlsla such as grouping results and filtering by timestamp.

mysqlreport: Apparently, it’s “bug-free” because no one has reported a single problem with it in so long that I couldn’t even tell you when it was last released. Regardless, I have plans for this, too, such as better interaction with other scripts by decoupling the code, data and presentation further.

mysqlidxchk: This has needed serious work since its release which wasn’t possible for various “technical” reasons. But I can fix it now and make it better, more helpful.

In general, I’m also moving my entire code base to Google Code, too, since I’ll be re-using some Maatkit common modules in my own scripts. Plus, that will make it easier to track issues and changes for me and you.

Written by Daniel Nichter

September 19th, 2008 at 1:03 pm