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mysqlreport v3.5 released

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mysqlreport v3.5 has been released which has the following fixes, changes, updates:

  • Fixed bug: incorrect checking of MySQL version caused mysqlreport to ignore InnoDB status values in some cases. Simplified version from 3 integers (major, minor, patch) to 1 (50024 = 5.0.24, 60001 = 6.0.1, etc.) for easier, more accurate version checking all around.
  • Fixed potential bug: read_relative_infiles might have incorrectly divided infiles with multiple status value sets.
  • Fixed bug: if wait_timeout was greater than –relative, mysqlreport would lose its connection while sleeping. Now the connection is closed and reopened for each live relative report collection.
  • Infiles can now be given SHOW VARIABLES output (in addition to the old method of inserting values manually like: key_buffer_size=128M)
  • Slow query time is beautified for microsecond, millisecond, and second resolution (format_u_time):
    0.000000 – 0.000999 = 0 – 999 µ
    0.001000 – 0.999999 = 1 ms – 999.999 ms
    1.000000 – n.nnnnnn = 1 s – n.nnnnn s
  • Added a lot more debugging output.

Written by Daniel Nichter

April 16th, 2008 at 6:46 am

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