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mysqlreport v3.1 released

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Yesterday I released mysqlreport v3.1. No large changes:

  • Added support for table_open_cache system var (MySQL 5.1.3+).
  • Removed default assignments for $mycnf{‘host’}, $mycnf{‘port’}, and $mycnf{‘socket’}.
  • Connecting to MySQL now tries socket if one is given and actually a socket, else TCP/IP host if one is given, else generic “host=localhost” which relies on the MySQL client lib to do something useful.
  • Updated help for clarity.
  • Fixed bug: spelled “fsync” wrong.

I also updated The Guide To Understanding mysqlreport to include InnoDB reports and the mysqlreport documentation.

Written by Daniel Nichter

April 26th, 2007 at 11:11 am

Posted in MySQL,mysqlreport