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Tossing mysqlsla v1.4 Out There

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Although I have not updated the website, documentation, or how to for mysqlsla, I am tossing mysqlsla v1.4 “out there” to view or wget at:


I don’t like to release new versions without having everything else updated too, but for various reasons I’m making an exception this time.

mysqlsla v1.4 is much better than v1.3 and a lot has changed. So much has changed that the entire script was essentially re-written. Without an updated doc or how to, I suggest starting with the –help command line op, then contact me if you have specific questions or issues. I will, eventually, update the website, doc, how to, and officially package this new version.

Written by Daniel Nichter

January 17th, 2007 at 6:27 pm

Posted in MySQL,mysqlsla