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mysqlreport v3.0 – Finally, InnoDB reports

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mysqlreport v3.0 has been released (v2.8 & v2.9 were skipped) which finally has InnoDB reports for MySQL servers v5.0.2 and up. The documentation has been updated accordingly. The new options that invoke the InnoDB reports are –innodb (or -id), –innodb-only (or -ido), and –dpr (for the extra Data, Pages, Rows report).

Since this is the first release with InnoDB reports, feedback on the InnoDB reports is appreciated. Eventually, I’ll update the mysqlreport guide to explain the InnoDB reports. For now, I think the InnoDB reports are self-evident to those who know a little about how the InnoDB storage engine works.

Written by Daniel Nichter

December 8th, 2006 at 3:11 pm

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